My plans for 2013.

2012-12-31 10:41:12 by mmankt

It's been a good year and 2013 is shaping up to be even better!

I'm planning to release 3 new games this year:

Q1: small, brutal and sweet zombie shooter with elements of horde gameplay and exploration. (with amazing grahics by Emre Deniz )

Summer'13: Shade - Story based, sci fi action adventure shooter with space combat. (with amazing grahics by Emre Deniz )

Fall '13: Intruder Combat 2 - much anticipated sequel to ICT. Better in every single way, possibly with a map editor and community maps! (no online though)

So as you see the plans are big and exciting. Keep your fingers crossed, fav me on Newgrounds, sub my youtube or follow my twitter to stay up to date!

Happy New Year!

PS: ICT is nearing 10mln views! f**k yeah!

My plans for 2013.


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2012-12-31 12:47:10

Jesus Fuckin' Christ man i'm lookin' forward to this whole new year


2012-12-31 17:09:59

awesome can't wait


2012-12-31 18:16:58

So IC2 is going to have shitty graphics because Emre Deniz isn't working on it? I'm looking forward to 'em!

mmankt responds:

Does ICT have shitty gfx?


2012-12-31 19:36:37

don't butcher the controls again in IC2 the controls were clumsy and felt bad if you were going for the call of duty feel then keep it to xbox

mmankt responds:

the controls are ok for me, they need some polishing and will be customizable in my next games.


2012-12-31 20:49:13

Ooo! Fall '13. Love the idea. :) Hope to see that one pretty soon.


2013-01-02 20:14:25

I gotta say, your plans are pretty ballsy. You're working on 3 BIG projects in ONE year. That seems kinda unrealistic, but okay. It's not like it matters when the end product is great....

So make the end product great...

mmankt responds:

2 big , one small;)


2013-01-03 20:15:22

I have a burning question; will melee attacks be included in IC2?

mmankt responds:

most likely


2013-01-04 18:05:50

3 games in 1 year!!!!!!!!!!!!! You sir need 5 hour energy or some illegal drugs :D pm me if you need some powder, plants, or liquids if you know what i mean :)


2013-01-06 08:35:44

i would really love to see some more in depth weapon and character customization do you think that would be possible?

mmankt responds:

ic2 will have that, also some elements in shade.


2013-01-11 00:05:45

I thought Shade was going to be a stealth game.


2013-01-11 06:06:51

Ideas for IC2-
Weapon info(recoil,calibre,etc.)
katanas,punches,melee finishers,gun acessories(bipod,silencer,ammo pouch,better ammo),more gear!!!


2013-01-18 19:32:42

the controls are OKAY there BUTCHERED look at raze:
W A S D=movement
mouse button=shoot
you have the weapon switching buttons
you have these garbled massarced controls that don't work at all there stiff and useless atleast PLAY a shooter BEFORE you make a game like this it wasn't fun at all with such awful controls i don't know about you but i don't have a millon fingers on one hand

mmankt responds:

8==o o==8


2013-06-24 21:34:03

Fall '13: Intruder Combat 2 - much anticipated sequel to ICT. Better in every single way, possibly with a map editor and community maps! (no online though)
(no online though)