zombie project: dynamic lighting

2013-01-28 07:08:34 by mmankt

What's a good zombie massacre without atmospheric lighting and a flashlight?
I had some free time this weekend between exams at school and I implemented a lighting system. I think that the effects are awesome.

Here's a video of Intruder CT with integrated dynamic lighting:

here's the flashlight in action:

And other vids of the development:

See ya next time with some actual in-game zombie destroying action!


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2013-01-28 07:30:09

O holera jasna.. TO JEST CUDOWNE! o.o


2013-01-31 20:45:28

Cool, are you going to patch I:CT with these lighting effects on Newgrounds or save them for your other games.

Also it would be nice to see the lighting play a role in the game, with pitch black areas you have to light with the flashlight.

mmankt responds:

well that's the idea. i have the lighting almost fully implemented in my own copy of ICT and it's awesome. but i won't update the public build, no point. it was amde for the new zombie game. cheers.


2013-02-01 18:08:38

i got to tell you that dynamic lighting looks awesome
i like it :)

mmankt responds:

thanks, you'll like it even more in game:)


2013-02-04 14:22:58

Awesome, will you upload any pictures of the zombies any time soon?
If you just have no idea on how to make zombies, i reccomend asking sickdeathfiend for some help.


2013-02-04 21:36:56

That's actually a great idea. It would be awesome with SickDeathFiend for some gruesome deaths and zombie effects.


2013-02-11 16:02:21

It's a very good idea the game is good but you add a zombie mode make the game awesome and you make new weapon's? or skins?

(Sorry for my bad english im are argentinian)

mmankt responds:

its a totally new game with the awesomeness of Intruder CT


2013-03-01 11:13:14

Looking forward to this, I really enjoyed Intruder Combat Training so I'm sure this will be just as good!


2013-03-09 00:02:40

looks great would add a level of fear in the game


2013-03-11 13:27:00

I have some weapon ideas if you interested: AK w/ bandaged stock (and maybe acog sight :D),
XM8, Glock (starting secondary), Spas 12, CR 21, CZ 100 (Or maybe this one as starting weapon xP), M107 or M17, HK 416 and AR 17...
That's all ideas what I have for now.


2013-03-16 23:36:30

when is this game coming out.


2013-03-23 10:05:53

U have school:O but your 24


2013-03-30 14:22:23

Again, really excited for whatever the hell it is you're doing (because whatever YOU'RE doing has guns, and I like guns). I can't help but ask, what zombie project are you talking about? I haven't been keeping up recently.


2013-04-05 15:53:00

hope u do online


2013-04-12 20:59:59



2013-04-18 11:09:22



2013-05-02 13:10:20

When do you think the zombie game will be released?


2013-05-02 13:10:24

When do you think the zombie game will be released?


2013-05-11 02:57:03

Are you still active? Well, if you would be maybe the game would be already out maybe, because four months have passed from this post (maybe less).
I hope you're still there.

mmankt responds:

yo man i'm still here, new post soon (ish)


2013-06-18 19:05:34

Are you still alive?

mmankt responds:

yes, new post coming soon;)


2013-07-11 16:01:40

Just can't wait for this, these new features look totally cool..
A zombie game with I:CT base -> WIN


2013-07-17 02:38:55

um dude soon? how soon.


2013-07-19 01:06:15

Can we at least get a screenshot of whatever the game currently is?

mmankt responds:

it's frozen right now, news soonish mate!


2013-07-23 08:26:37

elllooooo are you still alive bro?

mmankt responds:

yes, news soonish:)


2013-08-08 14:52:05

one screenshot plzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!


2013-08-09 15:28:26

I'm very excited to play this. Any update on when the release date should be?


2013-08-23 11:30:26

According to your twitter it says that you "wanted to bring a really big 2d project there(Unity)." Could we be expecting this on Unity, has that been scratched or is it something completely different?

mmankt responds:

something different;)


2013-09-02 22:26:25

Woah it's been a while, what has happened to this game?

mmankt responds:

it's frozen right now. i'm coming back to work in november.


2013-09-03 04:03:43

yeea dude what hapend


2013-10-25 08:03:10

almost november XD


2013-11-03 18:43:42

November now.

mmankt responds:

holy shit i thought it was july:)


2013-11-08 14:12:38

I checked on you blog website thing, and it said you were gonna make a sci-fi story driven shooter or something of that sort, are you still going to continue making that?

mmankt responds:

yes. but it won't be in flash. it's big. i need lots of time and founds so it's far future.


2013-11-21 16:13:46

is is doneeeeee?????

mmankt responds:

nooooo:((( check out my latest post!


2013-12-01 18:04:02

December now.

mmankt responds:

check out my latest post.