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Update on War Heroes

2015-12-02 13:04:46 by mmankt

The game is done. Looking for a sponsor now. It's fucking awesome!


So here's some gameplay vids:





Zombie survival:



Active ragdolls:



WH is a class based WW2 tactical shooter with team oriented arena gameplay.

In the campaign mode players play as an elite US army squad against German forces in France after Omaha Landings. They can choose their roles from 4 classes: assault, medic, sniper, support. The game features 3 main team oriented modes: domination, demolition and team deathmatch.

After finishing the campaign the players will unlock The Russian army. Each side and class has unique and authentic weapons. Apart from the campaign there are also free play modes and zombie survival mode(very satisfying and addictive) making sure that the amount of fun is unlimited and players will be coming back to it many times. 

The game is powered by the improved Intruder Combat Engine which features skeletal animations, dynamic lighting, real time physics with ragdolls and destruction, cloth simulation and realistic particle effects. The gameplay is physics based so the action is frenetic and brutal. Blood splatters on walls, limbs get torn off by explosions and brains blown out by heavy caliber bullets.  Each kill feels unique thanks to dynamic death animations blended with ragdolls and active ragdolls(gta style). I've put a lot of attention to small, satisfying details in this game - magazines fall out of guns, shells bounce on the ground, flags move in the wind and react to physics. There are even simulated weapon straps!


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2015-12-02 19:34:57

Thats bloody amazing! Though it makes me wonder, with all these details, how wil it perform? I've seen a few really good games much like this but the attention to detail tended to make the fps drop like stone. Wil it be optimised?

mmankt responds:

it runs better than ict2x. i tested it on an 8 year old dual core 4gb ram laptop and without dynamic lighting it runs at solid 30. of course there will be some drops when the action is too frentic.


2015-12-02 22:40:38

i didn't see it on newground where is it?


2015-12-03 06:53:49

Wel if you actually read his post.. he's waiting on sponsors.


2015-12-03 17:32:30

will there be melee? i know this has been over asked but without melee how will i punch enemies?!

mmankt responds:

yes there's melee. it's automatic when near an enemy


2015-12-06 02:20:50

The ragdoll action is sick. Overall it is a very interesting change to the ICT concept.

mmankt responds:

yes thx to basic class division and team modes the gameplay is really exciting, even i can loose with the ai and fight toe to toe for the win. really satisfying. and the zombie mode is tons of fun - with the new active ragdoll effects it's even more fun to kill ;)


2015-12-07 11:30:58

when you say sponsor, what do you mean?

mmankt responds:

with the flash games it works like this: you make a quality game, you find a sponsors which pays you for the game. (for example newgrounds used to do that) you put his branding and links in your game. it's cheap advertisement for the sponsor site and decent pay for the developer. but finding a good sponsor these days is hard.


2015-12-07 15:59:01

The game looks sick. You said you were waiting for sponsors, what do you mean by that, exactly?

mmankt responds:

check my response above


2015-12-08 15:13:06

Ok, I get it now, so basically, someone buys your game and put's it on their site in your name? Haha, must be worth it. Good luck finding a sponsor, dude.


2015-12-12 02:10:06

i cant wait for this game,im so exited!!!!!!!!!


2015-12-29 02:49:00



2016-01-15 07:11:11

hey its on armor games checked yesterday! yay


2016-02-13 10:13:27

i played that game and i can't die in it. wtf?

mmankt responds:

you probably played a hacked version and webmasters are such morons that that put hacked, unsupported versions on their sites.


2016-02-13 16:13:04

pls make our allies more smart because they're retarded