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Working on games. Ask for any help or questions you want. I always respond. Only ppl i know for friends requests plz!

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mmankt's News

Posted by mmankt - December 2nd, 2015

The game is done. Looking for a sponsor now. It's fucking awesome!


So here's some gameplay vids:





Zombie survival:



Active ragdolls:



WH is a class based WW2 tactical shooter with team oriented arena gameplay.

In the campaign mode players play as an elite US army squad against German forces in France after Omaha Landings. They can choose their roles from 4 classes: assault, medic, sniper, support. The game features 3 main team oriented modes: domination, demolition and team deathmatch.

After finishing the campaign the players will unlock The Russian army. Each side and class has unique and authentic weapons. Apart from the campaign there are also free play modes and zombie survival mode(very satisfying and addictive) making sure that the amount of fun is unlimited and players will be coming back to it many times. 

The game is powered by the improved Intruder Combat Engine which features skeletal animations, dynamic lighting, real time physics with ragdolls and destruction, cloth simulation and realistic particle effects. The gameplay is physics based so the action is frenetic and brutal. Blood splatters on walls, limbs get torn off by explosions and brains blown out by heavy caliber bullets.  Each kill feels unique thanks to dynamic death animations blended with ragdolls and active ragdolls(gta style). I've put a lot of attention to small, satisfying details in this game - magazines fall out of guns, shells bounce on the ground, flags move in the wind and react to physics. There are even simulated weapon straps!

Posted by mmankt - October 8th, 2015

Check out the first pure gameplay from my latest game War Heroes: France 1944:


I still have a license for stencyl indie edition for 1 year worth 99$! Watch the video and comment here to win!  


Posted by mmankt - October 1st, 2015

Hey doodz!

Take a look at the latest game i'm working on:


Bored of all the future bullshit? War Heroes is taking you back to the era of World War 2 games!  It's a class based shooter (assault, medic, sniper, support) with team oriented modes ( TDM, search and destroy, domination and warzone ) and brutal physics based gameplay powered by the improved Intruder Combat Engine!

Also to celebrate my company's 1st birthday I'm giving away a Stencyl Indie 1year license + QUBE Director's Cut ! In order to enter the contest please go to my facebook post!   

As a newgrounds exclusive I'm giving away a steam key for Skullgirls with all DLC! So comment here that you want it and a random person will get it!





Posted by mmankt - November 18th, 2014

Posted by mmankt - October 16th, 2014


Go kill some bots!

The newgrounds version is coming in 4 weeks with medals, online saves and all the fancy stuff.

Posted by mmankt - October 8th, 2014


The game is coming out on notdoppler.com next thursday!


Posted by mmankt - August 28th, 2014

Hey guys! Sorry for the deley on update and the game's release - it's not up to me right now.

I got a locked deal with Not Doppler, so that's good news for everyone as it's one of the best sites there is. It's a hard market for quality flash games sites prefer shitty html5 shit.. anyway, the game is coming in the last weeks of Spetember or first weeks of October.  The upside to all this is that the game will be mor epolished and perform better, i tested it on an old dual core laptop and it runs really well with all fancy effects so FUCK YEAH. The game has a bigger field of view, better graphics and more intense effects with lighting masking and all and it runs better. Good job to me! 

Meanwhile, watch that trailer again, would you kindly?


Posted by mmankt - July 15th, 2014

First of wall watch this:



I've been  getting a lot of great feedback on the game from potential sponsors and from testing the game with a few close friends. Been fixing a lot of stuff and improving, I tell you the work on games never ends... it just the question of when the dev says sthap! I'm quite tired of it but I won't rest until it's perfect I'm even adding a fifth game mode :D

Raze 3 came out, seen it? What are your opinions? IMO it's ok, exatcly the same as part 2. I don't like their art style and the engine is really meh. But well you know me I love spectacualr stuff!

What will be YOUR favorite loadout in ICT2X? The trailer shows all the guns (btw the attachments are - laser,grip,rapid fire mod, muzzle break, extended mags and quick mags)


Posted by mmankt - July 8th, 2014

Share it with your friends!


I'm gonna look for a sponsor now.

Posted by mmankt - May 22nd, 2014

Intruder Combat Training 2X

is a highly anticipated sequel to the acclaimed shooter Intruder Combat Training sponsored and published by Newgrounds.com

Players get to level up their character and unlock tons of weapons with many attachments.
The physics effects like ragdolls and destruction got pimped out for the most spectacular and satisfying 2d shooter experience in your browser. The game features brand new ai, refactored engine, brand new maps, game modes, graphics, sounds and beautiful lighting effects.
Everything done by mmankt.com, sounds from gamebanana.com, base textures from cgtextures.com + pathfinding library by my great friend Boban

I am happy to show you the first official gameplay of a full round of the pre-beta version.Spawns are not good yet, new 3d menus not  implemented yet, some small glitches etc.




PS. Check out other vids on my channel , a lot of Intruder Combat Training 2X stuff is shown there!